Last A virtual shopping mall for even 1% of shoppers who procrastinate - huge. How many males do you think qualify to be a member of a website like this? At one time or another, nearly all of us need to make a purchase at the last minute. If this domain could someday help us make a penny from a bunch of those shoppers... that would be a pretty penny. Why a leading retailer doesn't own this domain property yet is beyond me.Google lists over 91,000,000 results for the search "last minute shopping" - as of this update (6/11), we are listed in the 1st 10. Shopping is An important catagory on the net, obviously, so to be on the 1st page results for such a term is something hundreds of thousands of others surely wish to duplicate. The jump in traffic this website receives around the holidays and into the new year, every year, is automatic. It reminds me of the nature and power of domain names, especially descriptive ones. Billions of shoppers and you only need a relative few to do business with you to make some money. Do better than that, and you can make serious money. Retailers typcially enjoy more sales from Thanksgiving through the new year than any other time of the year. This site should be where the motivated buyers locate the motivated sellers, for a couple months of heavy duty shopping. Google lists over 447,000,000 results for the search "year end sales". As of this update (6/11), we are listed in the 1st 10. I can think of a few thousand established retailers who would very much like to be able to virtually count on being rated high in those search resutls. The mortgage foreclosure crisis has resulted in a significant increase in the number of bank owned (REO) property listings on the market. We help consumers locate bank owned real estate, houses, pre-foreclosures, commercial properties, condos and other real estate assets owned by banks and mortgage lenders.


The market is continually changing and this includes the bank owned real estate market where lenders have adjusted to changing market conditions as well as changing government regulations There's a good reason why you didn't have your lawyer build your website. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on legal services while conducting business in their very own neighborhood. But on the internet, you do business with the entire world, where your potential liabilities are not diminished, they are enhanced.


Your business website makes statements, offers, and promises, both expressed and implied. And anyone who wants to record them at any point in time simply needs to hit the "print" button. We offer an immediate, affordable solution to this problem. creates a web page for your company which contains language specific to your business & location, at a fraction of what you would typically pay for this service. Simply place your personalized Terms Of Use .com button on your web site, linking to your Terms Of Use page. Done! & How much power do you have? How much do you need? We are in the midst of an astounding energy transition. Solar and wind powered homes & commercial properties will continue to grow as will the number of electric cars on the road.


But your hotel chain wont charge your car battery every night for free, not with millions of guest cars each night. Neither will your employer. When energy itself becomes a currency, the incentives for creating more than what you use will make a lot of people a lot of wealth. When Solar becomes more efficient, when batteries charge longer, millions of properties will have self sufficient solar powering their homes. And of those Millions will realize an energy surplus - which they can sell back to the system. By law. That hour on a treadmill at the gym has been charging your car in the lot.


How will we account for this new economy?! See for yourself. Come and join us! READ ALL ABOUT IT.. And listen to it, and view the video of it, and comment on it and sent it to.

WHO get important news, from a single source anymore? The uninformed is who. When something “happens”  are you satisfied having access to “some” of the news? When your time matters, do you have time to wait for a 30 second video commercial to load and play, as your fee for information that is free elsewhere, your “toll”?. I find myself resenting the advertiser who’s promotion I am forced to endure. changes all of that. A fee based comprehensive personalized multi platform information media product. For a single fee you get access to all stories listed by the media that produced it. By utilizing conventional news sources as well as citizen journalism, global, national, regional and “Local”. Some of the best journalists in the business It is a mixture (Real Estate For Sale By Owner) also known as FSBO, by owner property. Creating a franchise opportunity to help buyers and sellers of real estate - find one another - while they take $20,000+ of expenses off the table. Offering links and listings to for sale by owner properties. FSBO home sellers and homes buyers who want to save money by avoiding the significant commissions charged in a typical real estate brokered sale.


Once professionally designed, this site could be a self-service marketing plan for homeowners around the world. This model also lends itself to being idea for an affiliate reseller program. Who knows local better than the locals? You could assign exclusive rights to sell FSBO ads on the website for a particular state or city or region. - could show properties through the Texas market, as sold and managed  by an aggressive salesperson in the Texas area.. Sharing his revenues with - Real Estate Broker commission referrals and property sales, referral business with other Brokers, Buyers and Sellers. The Co Brokers system was designed by a 20 year veteran of the real estate business, who since 1996 has been helping other brokers do business on the net.


The idea behind is to help real estate professionals to maximize their potential through referrals by broadening their market place, increasing their market share, and improving their internet exposure. While is geared towards helping real estate professionals do more business by co-brokering with real estate agents in markets outside their own, there are benefits beyond referrals in being part of the CoBrokers community. - The Home Page for locating waterfront real estate, property, condos, homes and land for sale. We will offer links to waterfront, oceanfront, lake and pond front real estate and property listings from leading realtors as well as for sale by owner waterfront homes. We feature market leading real estate brokers who can answer questions and show you waterfront real estate listings. A million dollar waterfront home can result in $60,000 in brokerage commissions alone. If you are a broker of such fine properties, you need to be listed on, before you sell beats you to it!, a website that list items that are hard to find, limited in quantity, antiques, or few in numbers. We hope you will locate items including rare records, animals, stamps, coins, rare cars, fish, movies. Some of the most often sought out items include rare cars, hummels, comics, wines, shoes, sign lyrics and more. Enjoy your search and we hope you find the results interesting, if not rare. would be an ideal eBay Store Amazon Product venue. - Itself a rare two term dot com phrase that can be successfully built out one of several different way. From an Inter”net” income portal that provides access to financial information, to a website offering employment related to the internet industry. Sell ads in one model, sell access as another, and Google ads can create revenue from page view value alone. An open book, and live opportunity.

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Fontaines Domains is a collection of internet domain names owned by Fontaine Real Estate Services. This is where we have monitor and managed our various properties over the past 20 years. Due to personal matters, we have recently initiated efforts to unwind our business and sell off some our valuable asset. We may consider partial financing on some domains as well as partnerships with well funded or talented principals, preferably both. Email.


*I  need to bring attention to my 7 yr lawsuit against Cape Cod Times and 3 wealthy ownership groups, for having defrauded our family out of our business. A case won by deceiving the court can be overturned.

They are caught. I have the Smoking Gun Document proving their guilt. 3 levels of Massachusetts Courts got it wrong. I can identify with specificity the specific statements made of personal knowledge, that evidence shows cannot be true. Caught! Allow me to pinpoint that fraud!

Mass 93a lawsuit claiming 7 figure damages which can be trebled, 12% apr back to 02, and legal fees v wealthy corporations who then went on a 7 year spree of lying to the courts. If I couldn’t identify the fraud I would quit. I can.