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New England. One of the most clearly defined "regions" in the US. Collectively, we carry more influence than any single state, politically, socially and economically. Our shared interests include those effecting our lives on a daily basis, from sports to news, travel to weather. We are a region rich in respected institutions such as higher education, medical and technical. We share a rich history. New Englanders have more in common with each other than any other region in the country, it is an extended community like no other. 6 states, 15,000,000 people. 

People seek more information from areas that effect their daily lives. Local news and classifieds, local real estate, blogs & chat about issues affecting their lives. This is what New England Domains will be all about. This is the void we seek to fill. With this in mind, we have gradually and selectively acquired a group of New England related domain names that would be instrumental in developing a comprehensive regional internet portal.

With old time media stuggling for survival, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a regionally significant online neighborhood. While a group of domain names does not in itself bring us to the end of the journey, it is a key ingredient to success. Those who dont get the power of domain names or the internet should be reading print instead. A paper read on Sunday that was printed on Saturday providing you news about Friday.

New England Domain Names
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The possibilities are endless. From the reach of a regional classified network to the street level news coverage of the local weeklies. From social & commercial networking between 15,000,000 of your neighbors, to local school cancellations due to the snow. Barely 100 miles separates each New England state from any of the other 5. The longest straight-line distance from one end of Texas to another is 801 miles. The leading New England area portal is the "Boston" Dot com, owned by the Boston paper, which is owned by the famous New York newspaper company. Boston has 650,000+- residents, New England has 15,000,000+. The New England community deserves more, the New England market deserves more.

We envision combining citizen journalism from those who know their individual communities, to professional journalism by enlisting the many fine journalists who have lost their jobs as newspapers go the way of the dinosaur. Local input, knowledge, local ideas. We dont need the Boston paper to tell us about our cities and towns, nor do we need a global search engine. The resources we require are within our own community.

As we build up our New England websites we realize that an aggressive venture like this requires talent, investment and manpower. The opportunity is unique, the window is not limitless, yet we are in a unique period in time and of technology where we can make lightning strike. The payoff would be substantial. There are individual "city" geo domains/websites that generate over $1,000,000 a year in revenues for home page advertising alone. We are talking about a community of 15 million, with thousands of pages. We are talking history and the future at the same time.

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